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"A child born dead
arrives silently without a first cry
announcing ist appearance in this world."

Michaela Nijs

The English language uses the term “stillbirth“ for this process.



The initiative “Stillbirth“ offers support to mothers and fathers who lost their child during pregnancy (miscarriage, stillbirth, induced abortion due to medical reasons), at birth or in the course of the baby’s first year. Since the whole family is directly concerned by the death of a child we also support siblings, grandparents and close relatives.

Liese Prokopp Prize 2009

The midwife Karin Schnabl and Superintendent Dr Sonja Gobara were awarded the Liese Prokopp Prize 2009 for their up to then 10 years‘ voluntary work with their initiative  “Touched by Life“, now called “Stillbirth“.


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